Who Am I


Have you had any hiccups in your tax planning or tax filing procedures? You are not alone. But set that fear aside and be assured that you would be getting the best tax planning advice. As a tax paying citizen, there are various documentation to be taken care of to ensure that you furnish the valid proof for the taxes paid. And there are various ways in which you can also invest your money so that you save a little on the taxes. Understanding the tax structure might take some time and expertise. So here I am spending all my day in understanding all of the tax structures, the various investment choices and figuring out ways to ensure that everyone can avail tax benefits for their investments.

How did my journey begin?

I was very careless when it comes to filing the returns and planning my finances. At the beginning of my career, I had zero investment and I was losing a major portion of my monthly income on taxes. But as expenses started growing I was trying every possible way to increase my income. But then I realized that money saved is money earned after all. So I tried my best to reduce the taxes and this, in turn, helped me save a lot of money every single month. I was fascinated by the way taxes to work and then started dedicating a lot of time in studying taxes and tax structure. That was how my journey began.

What do I do?

There are so many hurdles you might face beside just planning your taxes and one among them is the missed out deadlines for filing of proofs for returns. I currently work with individuals who are struggling to get a hang of their tax planning journey.

I am here to share my knowledge and the exposure I gained through the decades of experience I have had in this field. I begin with understanding your income and expenditure patterns and then find the best tax saving investments that also meet all your financial requirements. And then we would be working together in collating all essential documents so as to file the taxes on time. This would also help you avoid the last minute hassles. You can also get back for a periodic review of your tax plan if you plan to revise or upgrade your plan or if you have some new investments coming up.