What would you do when you fund manager quits 


There are several ways to manage your funds. Seeking the assistance of a fund manager makes the process more convenient. But there are worst case scenarios where the fund manager quits due to some reason. If you had started out on your own then your fund management strategies might have been different. But once you start managing your funds along with a fund manager getting back to doing it yourself might be a little tricky. You should stay prepared as this transition is prone to occur at some point.

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There are various reasons why a fund manager might leave the company. But you should ensure that you take the right steps to avoid this situation from affecting your fund manager. As an investor, this situation might make you anxious. But you should avoid taking hasty decisions.

Is there another fund manager you can trust?

Fund management firms do not always depend on a single fund manager. Of course, there would be the most reliable one. But soon after you get to pick your fund manager you should also look for information to create a backup plan. Find out if there is a close associate, another fund manager who can take over in the absence of your current manager. If the management firm happens to shut down then you have no choice but to rework your investment and asset management strategies.

Will there be a change in your goals?

If you are being assigned a new fund manager it might take some time to develop that rapport. To ensure, that you keep a check on your financial goals. If required you could slow things down a little bit. But in the end, the investment strategies that the new manager then works out with you should be in line with your financial goals.

Understand the company culture

A fund manager’s role is definitely stressful. So unless the firm takes proper measures to ensure employee satisfaction the best of talents would slowly start leaving the firm. So when you look at a fund management company do not just look at the experience of the firm and the skill set of the employees. Also look at the company culture. An employee friendly organization has better chances of employee retention. So your fund manager quitting the firm while your portfolio is still being managed by the firm would be less likely to happen.